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June 2016


Anthony tucker-Jones talks to Neil Fretwell of Intelligent Software Solutions global about the growing use of predictive software in counter terrorism. ATJ: Is it fair to say that prediction software of predictive policing is [...]

ISS Global – Managing Data

ISS Global is featured in Battlespace. Picture the scene. A storeroom on the 15th floor of New Scotland Yard, packed to the ceiling with thousands of cardboard box files filled with crucial technical data, detailing [...]

Boosting Old-Fashioned Detective Work Digitally

Dfuze is featured in AFCEA. Industry can help allay public concerns that the U.S. government might overstep privacy bounds, Jensen adds. “That is something that is always a great concern. With technology, now it’s really [...]

October 2015

April 2015

Software database links bomb fragments to bomb-makers

Neil Fretwell was interviewed by Stars and Stripes. "Dfuze was born about a decade ago at the Bomb Data Center in London’s New Scotland Yard, according to Neil Fretwell, the former lead investigator at the [...]