Dfuze is featured in GCN.

Information sharing is a key component of cybersecurity efforts, but the concept is certainly not limited to online threats — or to government agencies in this country. Many nations’ law enforcement organizations, for example, have long worked together to gather and share evidence about bombings and other terrorist attacks.

Language barriers, incompatible software systems and parochial views on providing access to sensitive data often complicate such collaborations. Increasingly, though, improved technologies are enabling agencies to rethink investigative methods and bring much better data into their efforts to identify and apprehend suspects.

Since 2000, Intelligent Solutions Software (ISS) has tried to encourage those efforts with a framework, known as Dfuze, that allows law enforcement agencies to collect and share photos, video, police reports and eyewitness accounts of terrorist attacks. Dfuze also helps agencies collect background information on terrorist organizations and other evidence that can be shared easily with colleagues in other countries.

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