Rapid Solutions For A New Normal

With parts of the world reopening, society must rapidly deploy solutions that reactivate businesses while protecting the health, safety, and security of the general public. As a leading global technology company, we are imagining an integrated, touchless suite of solutions called DetectWise™ that will accelerate the transition to a new normal, please visit our main webpage at Parsons.com

1. Problem Statement

In order to return to full-scale operations, nations must ramp up testing to a large percentage of the population on a regular basis.  Testing technologies for antigens (current presence of COVID-19 virus) and antibodies (traces of previously having COVID-19 virus) are improving every day.  Critical infrastructure owners (airports, mass transit, stadiums) and business leaders (government organizations and large companies) need to know with a high level of certainty, at any point in time, that large volumes of people (the traveling public or their employees) are not a safety threat to others.

2. Our Solution

Parsons is solving this problem by integrating capabilities that we use every day.  Linking a passenger’s airline or train ticket on their mobile device or an employee’s smart badge to their authenticated record of testing status.  Each industry utilizes unique IT systems-  we use a core technical architecture across all industry solutions, then tailor our approach to these unique elements.  We have started our focus on airports and are expanding rapidly to other industries.

3. Our Approach

Solving this difficult problem requires a collaborative approach with a diverse set of stakeholders: critical infrastructure owners, cutting-edge technology providers, ticketing agencies, the medical community as well as regulatory experts and authorities. Parsons brings together these disparate groups to ensure that the general public can return safely to their daily lives while being protected from cybersecurity and other threats.

1. Problem Statement

COVID-19 has expanded safety and security to include viral contagions. As states and businesses begin to reopen, the new challenge is the need for facility access points that allow rapid screening before entry. A “new normal” means preparing for a future that makes health screenings fast and easy. Solutions must be rapid, scalable, and touchless. Here’s why:

  • Rapid to facilitate high throughput at entry points
  • Scalable features for affordability across a range of end-users
  • Touchless to minimize exposure of a virus to others
Parsons Touchless Screening Kiosk

2. Our Solution

Our touchless screening kiosk provides an intuitive, self-guided experience that facilitates and expedites screening. You can be assured that individuals entering are not introducing health risks.

Our kiosk is configured for three separate customer segments:

  1. Basic Pass-Fail Evaluations: A standalone kiosk placed at your entrance that simply evaluates pass/fails and does not collect data (no data privacy concerns)
  2. Advanced User: health screening connected to entry data collected from tickets or passes (smart queuing of entrants could be managed by the kiosk)
  3. Critical Infrastructure Users: fully networked smart kiosks, tied into databases and used to satisfy entry controls (facial recognition, retinal scan, smart cards) and/or virus tracking

3. Our Approach

Our touchless screening kiosk allows for non-contact health screening for individuals seeking to access an area while minimizing personal risk and risk to others as depicted in the Parsons Touchless Screening Kiosk workflow on the following page.

  • Non-Contact Interface (NCI) – the welcome screen prompts users to complete a short questionnaire—using voice recognition/gesture tracking on the kiosk or through a web app linked to the kiosk that is accessible on a mobile device. The kiosk guides users through each step (e.g., cleared, at risk to exposure, or assistance pending). Based on results, the kiosk will grant access and/or direct the individual to a queue for further screening.
The Parsons Touchless Screening Kiosk in action
  • Standoff Physiological Monitoring – embedded sensors passively monitor multiple physiological metrics, providing an individual health risk assessment. Options measure (1) temperature to detect fever, (2) respiration rate and pulse rate (heightened respiration rate may indicate compromised respiratory system), and/or (3) facial recognition to determine duration since previous screening and to match person to health records. Detected anomalies can trigger a remote video link to a supervisor or trained attendant.
The Parsons Touchless Screening Kiosk workflow
  • Data Sources – Data can be tied to a ticketing system to authenticate the results of the health screen.  Options are available for users to opt-in and provide additional health data in exchange for additional benefits (such as accelerated entrance into a facility).

4. Why Us

We care deeply about the health and safety of our team, partners, and customers, and remain more committed than ever to our purpose of delivering a better world – even from a distance. We are a 16,000-employee company with a 75-year legacy managing a wide range of infrastructure needs across the globe.

We support a wide range of clients—from federal, state, and local governments to commercial clients such as utilities, mass transit organizations, commercial companies with large corporate campuses, and client construction sites. We draw on proprietary kiosk technology and integrate other functionality such as call center support, interactive live agent, data monitoring, data triggers (anomalies in the data), artificial intelligence, infrastructure maintenance, and custom software.

We have decades-long experience that includes:

  • Anomaly detection and handling – vehicle inspection solutions for US and Canadian state and provincial governments
  • Advanced sensor technology – standoff physiological measurements for the military
  • Database access/integration – efforts across both commercial and government sectors
  • Facility access control – for military installations

Our touchless screening kiosk provides the secure solution needed
to get people back to work safely and securely.

Parsons modular lab is self-contained and can be transported to virtually any environment, allowing for rapid testing and efficiency while protecting workers.

1. Problem Statement

As we collectively flatten the COVID-19 curve, federal, state, and local governments along with the private sector will be focused on safely resuming operations in a post-pandemic environment.

In response to the consequences of COVID-19, organizations may have a need for on-site testing and consultation facilities to improve safety in the workplace and prevent the spread of viruses.

2. Our Solution

The Parsons modular lab was designed to offer on-site COVID-19 testing in a safe environment with rapid throughput. The lab offers the following benefits:

  • Leverages lessons from South Korea COVID-19 testing and applies CDC approved methods
  • Positive and negative ventilation control with filtration systems to avoid patient to worker transmission
  • Close patient interaction while maintaining isolation allowing workers to safely examine patients
  • Physically separating the patient from the medical worker reduces Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) consumption and adds flexibility for worker movement
  • Highly configurable modular design can add capacity with additional module components
  • Drive-through or walkup patient access can be provided at the same site
Test Module Preliminary Site Concept And Illustration

3. Our Approach

The modular lab’s design maximizes worker protection through engineering controls and minimizes PPE consumption. The simple, modular, low-cost, and rapidly deployable innovation is centered around a patient examination module for the safety of the entire medical team.

Our solution can be configured for both walkup and drive-through facilities. Key components include a module with patient exam booths, a sanitized protected area for the medical lab, and smaller self-contained booths for auto drive-through and data entry technicians. Attendants at each location work from sealed booths fitted with engineering controls to isolate the worker from patients to prevent unnecessary contact.

Patient examination and tech booths may include a built-in glovebox wall, allowing medical workers to safely examine patients and collect specimens from a “bag out” sealed chamber for analysis in a controlled environment. This arrangement allows for physical separation from the patient while providing dexterity for the medical worker performing the examination.

Patient Examination Both

Medical workers have access to tablet-based Bluetooth connected screening tools and will distribute and receive sample kits with minimal to no contact with patients. Samples will be bagged out in batches for processing under a hood at the onsite laboratory. Testing and biosafety procedures will adhere to the interim CDC guidelines for sample handling and processing specimen associated with SARS CoV-2 (see link).

Patients in the drive-through lanes receive the same exam and test without leaving their car. Those who show advanced symptoms are directed to the patient examination booths for additional examination. Larger sites may include more drive-through lanes or additional patient examination/ medical lab modules depending on the customer’s needs.

Fabric awnings over queuing areas, drive-through lanes, and portable toilets may be added as local conditions indicate. The electric genset, potable water, and lab discharge water tanks will be shipped within the facility and deployed outside. The lab facility will include storage for supplies and PPE.


The design of the test facility and patient flow dramatically
improves the safety of the workforce and reduces patient-to-patient
contamination. Surface decontamination protocols allow for quick turnaround without sacrificing safety or performance efficiencies.
The patient examination booth will be chemically disinfected between each use and physically disinfected on a regular basis. The inner surface and floor will be decontaminated with EPA registered hospital disinfectants formulated with hydrogen peroxide and label claims effective against SARS-CoV2 virus (see link).

Each patient examination booth can be fitted with an Ultraviolet Flash Disinfection system. A motion light and thermal sensor will constantly monitor the chamber for activity. Once the examination is complete and the patient leaves the booth, an interlock will secure and shade the room. The booth will then be disinfected using an ultraviolet flash with the EPA recommended dosage and duration.

4. Why Us

With nearly 16,000-employees worldwide and a global footprint of clients with mission-critical facilities/public spaces, we stand ready to help. We offer proven experience in infectious disease research support and providing specialized clinics and test laboratories for mission-specific requirements including DTRA’s Syria Chemical Weapons Elimination mission and a military laboratory in Iraq that was repurposed and deployed to West Africa during the Ebola crisis.

Modular, transportable facility for health screening and decontamination of personnel/handheld equipment before entry into a secure site or building.

1. Problem Statement

The likelihood of a COVID-19 resurgence, or spread of other infectious pathogens, may necessitate permanent testing infrastructure be installed at facilities and worksites to screen and ultimately mitigate the impacts of another outbreak.

2. Our Solution

We offer on-site solutions as a frontline defense against the spread of infectious pathogens so that your organization can resume operations.

Parsons’ screening and decontamination module is a modular transportable facility for health screening and decontamination of personnel / handheld equipment before entry into a secure site – such as an office building, warehouse, plant, or construction site.

Our preconfigured design uses lightweight panels and Conex box structures fitted with a screening room and a decontamination room as well as other amenities as required by the site. Parsons has an established network of manufacturing partners to customize and scale to meet a wide range of client needs.

We also offer a full-service turn-key option, including short-term/long-term leases of modular units, planning, installation and startup, training, health screening services, operations, and maintenance of facility.

3. Our Approach

Our design adopts existing protocols for bio-labs and hospitals. Upon entry into the screening and decontamination module, employees will encounter our Screening Kiosk to complete their initial health assessment (temperature, respiratory, and COVID-19 symptom assessment). Employees who pass the screening can proceed directly into the decontamination unit. Employees who do not pass the screening procedure will then head to a separate area where a trained technician will conduct a secondary health screening (live interview, visual assessment, temperature check).

Screened employees who require specialized clothing change in designated sterile rooms, which are disinfected after each use. Sites may provide showers, UV, spray-on, or fogging disinfection systems for handheld equipment (such as cellphones and computers) as additional protective measures. We are also partnered with a leading provider of PPE disinfection technology and can offer this as an optional service.

4. Why Us

We care deeply about the health and safety of our team, partners, and customers, and remain more committed than ever to our purpose of delivering a better world – even from a distance. We are a 16,000-employee company with a 75-year legacy managing a wide range of infrastructure needs across the globe.

We’ve earned a solid reputation for managing and operating Bio-Safety Labs up to BSL-3. Our current clients include: Biological Defense Research Directorate – Navy Medical Research Center, the Operational Under Sea Medicine – Naval Medical Research Center, and the Malaria Vaccine Branch – US Army Medical Research. We have subject matter expertise in surveillance screening, biolaboratory operations, and decontamination and we are a member of the Association for Biosafety and Biosecurity International.

We are also experienced in the design and rapid deployment of modular emergency structures (FEMA Urban Search & Rescue Task Force). We have relationships with customers and suppliers who have critical operations that can only be done on-site, including commercial clients, public offices,
utility companies, construction firms, hospitals, and essential worker sites.

When it comes to responding to today’s evolving needs and begin planning for tomorrow’s considerations, we stand ready to help.

5. Production and Delivery

The kiosk and modular offerings are available now.  We reduce the production and deployment schedule by maximizing the use of standard-off-the-shelf components. Pricing is dependent upon volume.