Dfuze Net

Data is accessed securely via any web browser on multiple devices anywhere in the world.

A built-in Command Control interface allows users to view the location of incidents and operators that are connecting to the secure server using Dfuze Mobile or OnSiteC2. Command Control creates a common operating picture where intelligence is fused with operations in near-real-time.

The image viewing feature enables high powered zooming, colour inversion, greyscale filter, rotation, and side by side comparison.

Key Features

  • Internet/Intranet connection to central server allows secure access from anywhere in the world to perform data entry and analysis
  • 256bit SSL Encryption to protect valuable data
  • Comprehensive Administration Suite
  • Fully translatable user interface
  • Convert existing electronic data and files into manageable, searchable and dynamic intelligence
  • Download multiple pieces of media from Dfuze Net
  • Create records, links and attach any type of electronic media
  • C2 mapping system to monitor incidents and assets