PeARL Flash

Performance-Enhanced Airborne Reconnaissance Low (PeARL)

PeARL Flash provides User Defined / On-Demand 2D/3D processing of content agnostic geospatial data that is scalable within customers bare metal, virtual and/or cloud based infrastructure environments.

PeARL Flash’s pixel to pixel reconstruction without using photo mesh enables a true representation of the collected space.

2D & 3D processing

Infrastructure agnostic (Bare metal, Virtual, Cloud) SaaS

Data Source:

  • Satellite Imagery
  • Full Motion Video
  • Wide Area Motion Imagery
  • Hand Held Cameras

Output Products & Formats:

  • 2D Mosaics / .geotiff, .ntf, .jpg, .kml
  • Digital Terrain Model / .geotiff
  • Digital Surface Model / .geotiff
  • 3D True Color point clouds / .las, .laz